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bldg-1From the moment we opened our doors in 1999, we’ve seen KDL as a group of people working together to provide excellent service for our customers. Our success is attributed to hiring bright, talented people who work well together toward a common goal. When problems occur, we look to our managers and employees for solutions. Each person has a meaningful impact, and in order to thrive in this highly competitive and rapidly changing industry, one cannot be afraid to change his or her approach to find solutions for the customer and the company. Everything we do here is a team effort. With the excitement and enthusiasm generated at KDL, excellence never seems far from our collective reach. Please join us in this team philosophy; it has worked well for us all these years. Each person who works at KDL, every customer we service, and all suppliers we use should know their importance to this company. We are a company that is expanding, constantly moving onto new and different challenges and one that will continually be stronger tomorrow than we are today.