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Audit & Freight Payment

Is your company receiving individual common carrier freight invoices in paper form? Does your team manually enter invoices, match to order numbers, resolve discrepancies, assign general ledger codes, cut checks to a myriad of different providers each week? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help you! Our turn-key solutions will immediately have a positive impact in your accounting department.

Invoicing in paper form puts a great deal of administrative work on shippers and carriers alike. Resources typically associated with the sourcing and maintenance of EDI invoicing technology prohibit most shippers from capitalizing on these best practices. Most all paper based administrative processing duties (enter, match, audit, pay) can be streamlined or eliminated. Our research indicates that the average fully loaded cost for a company to process a single paper invoice ranges from $3.00 to $10.00. Read More…

Transportation Contracts Can Be Complex

Charges change each year and most shippers regularly use several carriers. When considering differing base rates, fuel surcharges, minimum / floor charges, accessorial / special services charges, and FAK class groupings, it can be extremely difficult to be perfect in the audit process. Our technology has the capability to immediately identify instances where a carrier invoice does not match our audit profile. In 2013, KDL was successful in identifying and recouping 2.1% of total freight volumes processed on behalf of our customers in the audit process.

Capitalize on administrative efficiencies and billing inaccuracies. Consider KDL for formal freight bill audit, discrepancy resolution, and carrier payment:

  • Electronic invoicing for freight shipments
  • Formal freight bill audit
  • Shipment validation, BOL match, order match
  • Discrepancy resolution with carriers
  • Cost center coding
  • One consolidated, itemized weekly freight invoice
  • Carrier payment