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Business Intelligence

As a standard part of our program, KDL offers clients insight into their shipping data that most would never be able to attain without costly purchases and lengthy setups. Consolidation of carrier invoice data across multiple modes provides KDL clients the ability to nail down the costs for servicing their customer. These costs can then be stripped down to the individual lane or customer location and across the product mix delivered. Our expansive reporting application is hooked up from day one of shipping and provides additional insight with each shipment added.

The ability to construct key performance indicators surrounding transportation data is not the only offering. If you like what our reporting application can do, we can extend this functionality to other data sets as well. KDL will work to establish feeding cycles for getting the information updated and customize reporting to fulfill your request. KDL facilitates harnessing the power of information to help our clients make meaningful decisions.

Finally, KDL has the tools and personnel required to consult with our clients on a variety of projects. Some of these can include what-if-scenarios, distribution realignment, warehouse relocation, and change in supplier sourcing with regards to freight expense and market penetration analysis.
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