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Frequently Asked Questions

Efficient Freight Management should be a top concern for all companies involved in shipping products. If mismanaged it will negatively affect your bottom line and the impact can significant.

Q: Why does my company need KDL Freight Management?

A: KDL Freight Management specializes in freight transportation management services. We have a professional & experienced staff that can evaluate your current situation and leverage our buying power and industry knowledge to reduce freight transportation costs while improving service quality. Many companies don’t realize that each and every transportation decision can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in company expense, rivaling the vast majority of capital expenditure-level amounts. Yet the degree of oversight of these decisions is relatively minimal. Your company might require multiple approvals before an employee can purchase office supplies, but very little approval before a shipment decision having similar fiscal impact is made. That’s where we can help.

Q: What is my cost to have KDL review my transportation expenditures for savings?

A: It’s Free…you provide us with the information and the analysis is at no charge to you. If KDL can save you money on your transportation spend, our sales team will present a savings proposal sharing the cost savings opportunity with you. If you agree to move forward, a Transportation Management agreement between both companies is executed.

Q: Do you Guarantee Savings?

A: We offer a unique, optional program that limits our fees to a portion of the savings that we identify for your company. Under this arrangement, if we don’t find savings we don’t earn fees. It’s that simple.

Q: Do you perform services On-Site at our company or Off-Site?

A: We actually do both. If you prefer, we can provide an on-site employee at one or more of your facilities who will work directly with your staff to get the job done. Optionally, and if the situation warrants, this work can be done on an off-site basis supplemented with periodic visits to your company.

Q: Does it Matter what industry we are in?

A: Absolutely not. The common denominator in freight management is the type of transportation services and resources your company uses, not the industry you’re operating in.

Q: Do you offer any other services?

A: Yes. KDL Freight Management is also a fully insured Licensed Transportation Broker and NVOCC. We can handle just about any type of shipment for your company including LT:L; Truckload: Ground Expedite: Air Expedite: Ocean LCL & FCL: Air Freight; Small Parcel and more…..Our experienced staff of professionals will provide your company with a cost effective solution that meets your service needs.

Q: What about Technology?

A: KDL Freight Management has a cost effective web based TMS technology solution that allows our customers to process shipments; Rate Shipments: create Bill of Ladings; Trace & track shipments and our business intelligence software allows you to see your expense at the shipment level right on your desktop.

Do you have any questions about KDL Freight Management that we haven’t answered here? Then contact us today!