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Statistics demonstrate the rapid alignment of shippers and strategic third party logistics (3PL) providers in the marketplace. Benefits can be significant for companies focused on improving operations, margins, and the overall experience of your end customer, without considerable investment in resources. KDL programs ensure our customers:

  • Maximize potential negotiating, selecting, managing transportation providers
  • Capitalize on opportunities for process automation through technology
  • Identify, mitigate missed opportunities in the routing process, I / B and O / B
  • Robust reporting, macro visibility

Why 3PL?

  • Are you currently capitalizing on the enormous financial and service related benefits TMS technology can offer your business?
  • With the complexities of transportation contracts, multitude of providers and dynamic nature of the marketplace, are there opportunities to further reduce costs?
  • Is your company receiving and manually processing paper invoices from carriers?
  • Do you have technology to quickly show where you’re missing opportunities?