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Design and Deployment

As no businesses are exactly alike, KDL also does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to logistics. Each program we design and implement is unique as shippers all have differing challenges, objectives, and preferences. KDL employs a high-end implementation team comprised of well-versed executives who specialize in ensuring programs are set up properly, there is upfront collaboration and expectations with carrier providers, and the transition is as seamless as possible. Prior to implementing a program with KDL, we have a series of meetings on-site with our customers. It is important we meet with your people and departments to understand their challenges and be creative in ways KDL can help simply and improve day to day duties.

Client Solutions Specialist

Unlike a customer service department, your team will have a single point of contact for operational support for various functions. Our client solutions specialists understand the challenges our customers face on a daily basis and get involved to help simplify the process for you. This convenience allows our customers to concentrate on their core objectives, which is always making and selling your product, while KDL focuses on transportation and logistics. Day to day duties client solutions specialists manage include:

Pleased with her career progess

  • Primary contact, operational support
  • I / B routing, supplier coordination
  • Schedule shipments
  • Problem shipment resolution
  • Interface with carriers, tactical and strategic
  • Freight claims management
  • Accrual reporting
  • Lost opportunity identification
  • Carrier performance, metric
  • Program management, improvement
  • Time critical, truckload, international shipments
  • Analytics