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Beyond U.S. Boundaries


Leverage the strength of our forwarding network around the world to satisfy your international shipping requirements. Through our network of providers, KDL can move full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL), and air freight as either imports or exports. Working as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), KDL’s global logistics specialists harness the power of air and ocean carriers, forwarders, and brokers to move your freight anywhere around the globe. We assist exporters and importers with proper terms of sale, letters of credit, and the maze of international shipping terms, including federal security clearances and customs regulations.

Air / Ocean Bookings (Imports)

We make it easy to book all of your international imports. KDL will develop routing instructions for your overseas vendors and let them know who to contact to arrange freight pick-up at their facilities. From there, all pertinent shipping information will be provided to KDL so import documentation can be filed properly and importing your product will become a seamless process. Having all of the pertinent shipping information will allow KDL to provide accurate tracking on the shipment and in turn, provide you with 100% visibility of where your freight is located and when it will be delivered to your door.
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Air / Ocean Bookings (Exports)

Much like the import side of international shipping, KDL will utilize our forwarding partners to get your freight where it needs to be. KDL will streamline your exporting processes to get your freight picked up and delivered in the most cost effective, time efficient manner.

Customs Clearance

KDL will establish a Power of Attorney (POA) on your behalf with a reputable customs broker. They will also hold your bond information, allowing for quick entries and also quick releases. Understanding the importance of quick customs clearance is crucial because without a US customs release, you are unable to claim your freight.

Shipment Visibility

Know what is going on with your shipment at all times. As an added service, KDL can provide the status of your shipment as it travels from origin to final destination. Our customers can access up-to-date tracking through our online reporting service or can be proactively emailed status changes on a daily basis if needed.