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Parcel Audit

Trio of cardboard boxesMost shippers do not track every parcel shipment to metric on time delivery. In addition, most shippers do not properly audit all aspects of parcel invoice charges – they can be confusing! This is likely due to time constraints, other duties, and lack of technology. Interestingly enough, 2-3% of total parcel expenditures qualify for refunds due to late shipments or billing inaccuracies.

KDL now offers parcel management solutions through our business intelligence tools that allow us to capitalize on these opportunities to save you money. Our tools identify instances where shipments could have moved at a lower cost mode with the same level of service, address errors to eliminate address correction charges, service failure identification and recovery, overcharges in the invoice audit process, manifest errors, and hundredweight opportunities, to name a few. Simply agree to allow KDL to receive your parcel freight bill data electronically and process for payment. That’s all!