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Core Competency

White collar environmentThis is what we do. Benefit through implementation, standardization of best purchasing practices specific to transportation, including:

  • Data-set analytics
  • Carrier costing calculations
  • Formal RFQ
  • Normalized base rate, fuel surcharge scale
  • Scalability in the marketplace
  • Breadth of carriers, knowledge of strong points
  • Visibility to pricing strategies across KDL account base
  • Contract management, performance metrics
  • Increase solicitation, costing comparison, market assessment

Dynamic Environment

As your business and operating requirements are seldom stagnant, the ability to quickly identify opportunities and react upstream is vital. Often a change in order patterns, customer requirements, or expansion into new markets and products presents the need or opportunity for an alternative provider or solution. KDL’s analytics can determine an impact through robust data modeling.

  • Product mix expanding or changing?
  • Change in the density of orders? Smaller orders, larger orders?
  • Servicing new customers and markets?
  • Customers requiring specific carriers, delivery requirements, or accessorial charges?
  • Has time to market changed?
  • Change in the geography of orders?
  • Sourcing patterns or time frames changed domestically?
  • Import and / or export levels changed?