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How would you like to completely eliminate missed opportunities in routing? With access to our technology, shippers are typically able to capitalize on a 5-10% savings in their annual transportation expenditure by simply choosing a better carrier option that is already within their portfolio.

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At the core of our TMS is a powerful rating engine that accesses our client’s carrier pricing maintained by KDL. This tool can be used at any stage of the order process from shipping to order entry and can be integrated directly into your order system to ensure the optimal carrier is utilized without leaving your ERP. This technology helps companies move away from a “fairly accurate” routing process, such as carriers coded to customers or geographic East / West / North / South designations, and neutralizes the complexities presented on a shipment by shipment basis when manually routing. For example, is this shipment going to be a minimum charge, does it require special services, do I have a several carriers servicing the destination? If so, which carrier has the lowest overall cost and / or the best service standard?

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In addition to carrier optimization, we also assist in mode optimization (parcel to LTL consolidation, LTL to full load), shipment execution (electronic tender, spot quotes), increased visibility while your freight is in transit through live shipment tracking, shipment resolution (audit / payment), and finally end to end reporting regarding the KPI’s that matter to your company most.

Overall, shippers can experience increased productivity and visibility. We offer companies the ability to access one portal for any and all transportation and order related data. No longer do customers have to call for quotes, go to carrier websites, estimate information, or wait for information; all of this is at your fingertips.