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Transportation Management System (TMS)

ROI highlighted in greenKDL’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is a web-based SaaS managed solution that provides full TMS functionality with minimal or no capital investment. It can be deployed quickly and ROI is easily attainable. Through the implementation of a TMS, companies can expect to lower freight budgets on average 5 percent to as high as 15 percent in the first year depending on mode mix and adherence to best practices. A web based model allows KDL to offer an a-la-carte style menu of offerings, from simple carrier selection to more complex modeling, order consolidation, and mode optimization. Our service offering does not stop at the list below, as customized applications are always being developed to tailor KDL’s program to the client.

Carrier/Mode Selection
Do you know with 100% certainty that the carrier choice made was the best one available? With KDL’s TMS, our customers are able to rate shop their entire freight program from one source. The time spent digging through contracts, bouncing from carrier site to carrier site, or making numerous phone calls is no longer needed. That capacity can then be applied to other projects. Results are returned quickly and are sorted by cost and transit time, simplifying the choice. This functionality can be integrated in a variety of ways within our clients’ order management or enterprise systems through the use of API’s.
Order Optimization
Having trouble consolidating multiple orders into a single shipment? Missing out on these money saving opportunities to streamline your shipping process? KDL’s Order Optimization module is able to receive order level detail and programmatically find these opportunities. Simply submit your orders to be shipped to the TMS, select the ones to be processed, run the optimization routine, and review the load plan. Once the loads are verified, execute the shipments and you’re done! Not only does it find consolidation opportunities, but it also aids in choosing the optimal carrier on every shipment. 
Shipment Execution
The BOL module on the TMS allows our clients to quickly and easily execute their shipments. Whether the data is imported from the optimization module, a flat file, or manually created, the process is quick and easy. For manually keyed BOL’s, product and location masters make the entry process as simplistic as possible. For imports, users can quickly navigate and find shipments on the BOL panel for final review or the load panel within optimization. Full truckloads can be submitted to a collection of carriers at once to attain the best available rate without picking up a phone. Executed shipments can be communicated electronically and shipping documents and labels can be generated as well. In addition, loads executed through the TMS can be set up for automatic status notifications as that information comes in.
In-Transit Visibility
Need to know where something is? During shipment execution, a simple email entry allows those parties involved to be actively notified on the transit of material. KDL’s TMS is capable of sending and receiving freight data directly with carriers via EDI. In addition to proactive notifications, this data can be used to schedule pick-ups, view a status on a shipment at any time while in-transit, or receive invoicing. Passing data electronically creates efficiencies by eliminating manual processes, while removing errors and increasing visibility to in-transit freight. Tracing information can also be shared via flat files for integration purposes or reporting.
Shipment Resolution
Shuffling through paper invoices? Is it difficult to keep checking each one for accuracy? Manually GL coding? Combining EDI invoicing with the TMS’s contract management allows KDL to consistently and accurately audit our customers’ freight invoices. Discrepancies are resolved up front and our clients receive a clean invoice on a weekly basis. In addition to checking the accuracy of billing, KDL can also GL code shipments, as well as ensure pertinent information is always present on the invoice. KDL works with our clients’ accounting groups to get the data to them in the format they most desire – pdf, excel, delimited files – you name it.
Systems Integration
Want to take advantage of the TMS while not leaving your own software? KDL’s TMS is not just a web based solution; it is capable of integrating with a variety of ERP / Order systems. Application Program Interfaces (API) can provide lowest cost carrier and mode selections choices as well as order processing. When it comes to integration, KDL works with our clients to ensure that the road map is clear and that all objectives are being met as we lay out the data flow steps together.